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New Password Requirements


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Our online banking is soon undergoing an upgrade! This exciting change will expand the limit on the length for your online banking password to exceed more than 8-10 characters on March 11th, which is great news for your online banking security.

To help better explain this change, here’s an example, Jane Member believes her password is ilovemydog123. When Jane enters her password now, the system recognizes only the first 10 characters, ilovemydog, and ignores the rest. After March 11, when Jane enters her password like she usually does (ilovemydog123), the system will now see the remaining characters of her password, compared to the 10 characters it expected, and will consider that a password mismatch.

Not sure if your current password is one that will need updated with this change? If it is, starting January 24 you’ll notice a message while logging into your online banking letting you know there’s an issue with your password length. A password currently longer than 10 characters that is entered on March 11 will NOT be able to access online banking and must be changed immediately.

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